About me

My name is Karen and I am a freelance model. I started modeling at the age of 18, and I am looking forward to getting back into it. I have always loved modeling and had hoped one day the time would be right to start again. I have decided to become a freelance model, as this is the best fit for me while still maintaining my job as Vice President at Habitat for Humanity. As challenging as two careers can be I also know how rewarding it will be.

My schedule is very flexible which will make this a perfect time and situation for me. I have modeled for large department stores as well as smaller run way shows. I have also been featured in several advertising campaigns, print, and photo shoots. My versatile look and ability to adapt to different styles make me easy to work with. Despite my success, I do not take anything for granite and consistently give 100%. I am constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges to improve my skills and push my boundaries as a model. I am focused on building a strong personal brand and my own reputation in the industry. I look forward to continuing to work hard, set goals and keep all opportunities in front of me as I build my career.


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